Intuitive coach and soulful questioner,

here to find the balance between

discipline and delicious relaxation.


I'm Iris Rankin, an intuitive coach who helps women grant themselves permission to show up exactly as they want in their lives, be fully seen and howl their most harmonious notes out loud.

I'm also the founder of Project Intention, a community of soft, wild women focused on living with purpose and heart.

My work encourages women to adopt the self care practices that make them feel divine, the introspective tools to hone in on their essential wants and needs, and the emotional resilience to express their truest natures.

I'm here to be your guide into the exploration and expression of your own deep, wild nature.

I'm generally known for:

  • Vision-building for a fulfilling, wholehearted life

  • Tools to help access intuition and banish self-doubt

  • Breaking free from the confines of female conditioning in order to be our full, wild selves

  • Championing softness as its own kind of strength

  • Soft-spoken, nature-based guided meditations

  • Permission-granting, affirmation driven words for women to live by

Coaching together is honing in on a personalized approach to wellbeing for each woman I come in contact with. What stokes the fire in your belly, is behind the glint in your eyes and generates the low-rumbling growls in your throat? Together we take on each wild aspect of yourself that you want to cultivate and release as you explore possibilities for your life.


Project Intention is about aligning core intentions with actions that ignite and restore your being.


I want to spread our innate wildness and voice outward, and I have big plans for Project Intention.

Beyond one-on-one, I look forward to leading women's circles and in-person retreats in the desert, mountains, and beaches of this country to explore mindfulness, yoga, outdoor skills and soulful examination together.

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