I'm Iris Rankin, an intuitive personal coach who helps women grant themselves permission to show up exactly as they want in their lives, be fully seen and howl their most harmonious notes out loud.

I'm generally known for:

  • Vision-building for a fulfilling, wholehearted life
  • Tools to help access intuition and banish self-doubt
  • Breaking free from the confines of female conditioning in order to be our full, wild selves
  • Championing softness as its own kind of strength
  • Soft-spoken, nature-based guided meditations
  • Permission-granting, affirmation driven words for women to live by

Wondering if my howl will match the resonance of yours? A bit more about me...

I have a trusty Toyota Corolla that has braved 4-wheel drive roads over dirt in Montana and sand in Utah and road-tripped four times back and forth from Colorado to Alaska with plenty of detours to Wyoming, Idaho and Washington on the way (that alone was at least 13,000 miles).

I'm obsessed with food, both for the nourishment and the taste. I could eat avocados and sweet potatoes all day, every day. And I can't stop drinking Pamplemousse La Croix's. I taught myself to love to sweat (definitely a learned trait), to move and to be fully in my body, even when it's uncomfortable.

Any time I can pack up my belongings for a cross-country road trip into the Canadian Rockies or feel red desert sand under my Chaco's, I'm home. I relish the crisp cold of winter air on my face as I ski in the woods with my dog. That's my happy place.

The wildness I talk about is both figurative and literal.

I believe every human has a natural way of moving through the world, and the more closely aligned we each are with that natural sense, the more content we feel. Wildness is about voice and honoring our core tendencies.

Wildness is also a tangible manifestation of that voice and our natural needs. We often forget that as humans, we are animals. We are not separate from the earth, but completely of it. And the more often we come to understand and appreciate our own bodies, our skin and the outdoors, the faster we can return to a place of peace and self-satisfaction.

I'm totally over the internet telling people what to do—and especially telling us as women that we're doing it wrong. Fuck that.

What you are doing is right. Who you are is right.

You're a living, breathing, fully whole and completely resourceful creature.

You don't need an instructional manual.

What you need is space.

To discover what stokes the fire in your belly, what's behind the glint in your eyes and the low-rumbling growls in your throat.

Project Intention is about aligning core intentions with actions that ignite and restore your being.

It's about the knowing and tools you already have to step forward with confidence and ease.

So if this all makes you want to howl out loud, stick around.

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For those of you that are still here, thank you, truly.

And if you know you want to amplify your own voice, I have a number Wholehearted & Wild coaching spots open each month.

If you're looking to build a more impactful, meaningful and wild life, and you feel like you could benefit from support and accountability, I invite you to schedule a free 30-minute 1:1 Wild Discovery call to explore how you may benefit from working with me.