We are not tame dogs, content to stay quiet for a pat on the head.

We are wild creatures, unconfined by expectation and grounded in our hearts' longing and the natural world around us.

Reclaim your domestication.

You have the power to unlearn the practices that have kept you from owning your knowledge and your strength.

Yes, rewilding is about the natural world, breathing clear air and grounding your feet on the earth.

But wildness is more than just your environment. Wildness is a state of mind and about acting based on instinct, uninhibited and with heart.

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This reclamation is more than just going outdoors—it's about looking inside and reviving the wilderness of your soul.

I intuitively coach those who are looking to give themselves permission to be unapologetic about their needs and make their wellbeing non-negotiable.

My approach to coaching is letting answers emerge from our conversations and having a true partnership in dialogue through which we can intuitively figure out what you most need.

“When I think of Iris’s coaching style, the words curiosity, intuition and compassionate accountability come to mind. I have been working with Iris over the past several months and have appreciated her commitment to helping women embrace their genuine and authentic selves.”
— Colleen R, master social worker

I am trained through the Coaches Training Institute, widely considered one of the foremost coaching programs in the world, and I am in the process of becoming both certified through the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).

But more than that, I'm a natural born holder of space and companion for your exploration. I know how to be your champion, even when you don't. I see all that you already are and all that you are capable of becoming. I'll hold you accountable to what you ache for with tenderness and fierce love.


What stokes the fire in your belly? What's behind the glint in your eyes? What generates the low-rumbling growls in your throat?

Explore your personal talent, deep-seated needs and wild wants over the ongoing course of twelve 60-minute coaching sessions.


An intuitive core session is for when it feels like it's time to move forward, but you're feeling stuck, hesitant or uncertain how to proceed.

Get to the heart of the matter with a stand-alone coaching session and follow-up for focused guidance on a chosen personal challenge.

“It’s an honor to recommend Iris as a coach. She skillfully prompts me for ideas to meet my goals and then supports me in achieving them in bite-sized ways. She’s vigilant about not letting me become overwhelmed and eagerly keeps my best interests front and center. I’ve appreciated every minute of our time together.”
— Kathy D, health coach

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