Frequently Asked Questions


Why would anyone hire a coach?

You already have all the tools you need to move forward. Seriously. You could do this entirely on your own. But just because you can do something alone doesn't mean you necessarily should.

If you want support, accountability and fresh perspective to really thrive, I’m here to hold space for you as we work out what you need and how to fulfill those needs. Structure and gentle guidance will accelerate your personal growth because we'll have dedicated time for reflective questioning and intuitive problem solving.

What is intuitive coaching?

Intuitive coaching is holding space for you to find your own answers and creating a dedicated structure for your support, guidance and accountability as you seek to give yourself the permission you need to be a wild, capable badass woman.

I use the word "intuitive" very deliberately. As your coach, not only am I accessing my own intuition in order to draw out particular wisdom from the conversation, but throughout our time together we will explore how to access and cultivate your own intuition. Answers are not something I will give you, but rather will be emergent insights directly from our dialogue and from your soul's deepest need.

Why does intuition even matter?

Whether we access it on a regular basis or aren't even aware of its presence, women have a deep well of intuitive capabilities that we're often taught to ignore or devalue. Despite the common misconception that we need to set aside our emotions for rational decision making, emotion and cognition are actually inextricably linked and essential together for choosing wisely.

Intuition is tuning into a deeper sense of personal wisdom not governed by rational thought alone, and it's allowing yourself to act based on feelings that can lead you to what you want even before you fully know what that may be.

Who do you work with?

I work with women who are ready to grant themselves permission to pursue their fullest life and deepest desires, but who could use the accountability and support of a thought partner to help get them there.

If you're looking to live more purposefully, wholeheartedly and wildly, you're in the right place. Whether you're an artist, a yoga teacher, in between life and job situations, or a coach yourself who is ready to step into your next personal evolution, your presence is most welcome here.

What's your coaching style?

Each of our sessions will operate on the fundamental belief that you have the innate wisdom to get where you need to go. I won't tell you what you need—only you can know that. I'm here to be your thought partner, space holder and overall champion of your cause as you explore each of your yearnings, fears and next steps. In our sessions, my priority is to listen, to offer a gentle guidance or a different perspective when needed and to rally support and encouragement.

From a practical standpoint, the method is asking reflective questions and digging into the answers, with the purpose of creating space that allows for introspection and creative problem solving. At the end of each session, we'll agree on a plan of action in order to give structure, focus and momentum to your goals.

If you're looking for a drill sergeant, look elsewhere. We're in partnership to cultivate your self-awareness and my role is one of absolute support and holding up a mirror so you can see for yourself what you need.

How is your coaching different?

Especially as women, we are culturally taught to inhabit the space of the cognitive—thinking, perception, analysis, and intellectual conjecture. Our intellects can serve us well, but without balance they can be overly masculine and not wholly supportive for our needs. In our coaching sessions, we will focus not only on the cognitive perspective of your needs, but also integrate the emotional and physical elements in order to give you a holistic perspective for the next action steps you can take.

What is your desired outcome for your clients?

I want you to come out of each session with greater transparency around your needs and the confidence to fulfill them on your own terms. The goal is to create more sustainable pathways for your development and sustenance. We're going to work on dismantling self-limiting beliefs around your own capability and make space for more joy, rest and fulfillment.

Over time, I want you to see yourself as the sole permission granter for your life—you don't have to ask anyone in order to let go of parts of your life that no serve you or to chase those that light you up.

What will you expect from me as your client?

I expect you to do the work. I ask that you show up wholeheartedly for each session with the intent of making the most of our time, complete any necessary preparation beforehand and follow up on our agreed upon action plans. You get what you put into our coaching engagements, and I can only offer support as much as you offer up honesty and your own openness to working through each challenge.

As for what you can expect of me? Exactly the same. As I've mentioned a few times already, this is a partnership. I will show up wholeheartedly, prepared and with your ultimate success in mind.

What if I have questions or need support in between sessions?

Between each of our sessions, you have access to unlimited email support. Need some extra accountability? Encouragement? Problem solving? Send an email my way and you can expect a well-thought out reply within 24-48 hours.

I can tell this is exactly the kind of coaching I need! Where do I sign up?

That's wonderful to hear and I'm so excited to get to work together! Choose a coaching package below and we'll get started.