Approaching newness with fascination and play

Approaching newness with fascination and play.png

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” — Dorothy Parker

lay is such a natural component of not only being human, but of being a creature on this earth.

You are not so far from a rough-and-tumble wolf cub, chancing a swipe at sibling, gnawing at a ear or kicking up dust with fast-moving paws.

Play is incredibly underrated.

We know that laughter is good for us, yet how often do you laugh? How often do you let yourself disconnect from serious demands and allow yourself to be freely unencumbered by them?

Play is essential to building our relationships with other people, our confidence with ourselves, and allowing us to find spaces of active rest in our lives, where we are both engaging and feeling at ease.

Like play, wonder also taps into that connection with who we are, engaging with our environment and the people around us.

Play is deeply connected with wonder. Both allow us to access a lightness of being that other preoccupations don't connect us to.

You are not naive for viewing the world with wonder.

In fact, it is a mark of extraordinary wisdom and strength to decide to continually learn outside when we are specifically told to.

Learning and playing delays atrophy. It keeps our minds and our bodies honed for use and our attitudes open to different angles of discovery.

One of the greatest gifts of being a human is to get to be a student of this world.

Ignorance is not bliss.

You know what is though?

Giving ourselves the time to relish our playful natures and bask in the knowledge that comes from pursuing with wonder.


Wonder helps us access unique problem-solving abilities, for our curiosity compels us to pursue an answer from all angles.

So too with play. Play loosens our inhibitions in such a way that it opens us up to learning and creative flow.

Playfulness and wondering are a natural part of who you are.

Foster your sense of play. Care for your tendency toward wonder.

Because playfulness and wonder build resilience.

When you can inject a difficult situation with a sense of humor, or look at an adversary with a sense of genuine interest for what makes you the same, think of how much easier it is to diffuse tension.

Play your heart out, because what the hell is the point if you're not having a good time sometimes? Take time to celebrate and enjoy the life you are building for yourself.

Throw caution into the wind. Be a little reckless. Shake it up.

Enter each day and situation with wide-eyed wonder, asking what can I learn right now?

Soak up that knowledge. Use it to build what feels good to you.

The more you can access your wonder and play, the more wonderful and playful your life will be. 

Iris Rankin

Soulful questioner, exuberant organizer, here to find the balance between discipline and delicious relaxation. Iris Rankin is the founder of Project Intention, a values-based community focused on living day-to-day with purpose, planning, and heart. Iris encourages women to adopt the self care practices that make them feel divine, the planning tools to hone in on their essential wants and needs, and the emotional resilience to express their most authentic selves.

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