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Rest Assured

Daily guided mini-meditations to reset,

calm down and grant yourself time to unwind.


You don't have to earn your right to rest.

You don't have to check every item off your to do list before you are deemed worthy.

Stop denying yourself the chance to unwind.

Women often keep themselves on their toes, rushing from task to task in order to validate a deeper need. There is the unfortunate misconception that our value is determined by our output, and that we can only ever stop to take care of ourselves when our never-ending to do list is completely crossed off.

This overemphasis on productivity is deeply misguided. What you do is not what you're worth.

And if you want to continue to do anything at all, you need to take care of yourself.

Rest Assured: Guided Mini-Meditations

Rest is not an afterthought. Rest is not a reward.

Rest is a prerequisite for personal wellbeing and the source of your power.

Rather than risk the endless cycle of burnout, grant yourself a few minutes of respite in your day. These guided mini-meditations are short enough to allow yourself a quick reset whenever you need and are available to you at any time.

Taking time for yourself to breathe—even just a few minutes—is essential for:

  • Calming your nervous system so you can move through each day with natural ease
  • Clarifying what is important to you from your heart, rather than automatically acting fearfully from the head
  • Taking ownership of yourself as a living, breathing human with needs that need to be met

You are not a productivity robot. You are a woman with wants and thoughts and you need to support yourself fully to create the impact you want to see in the world around you.

Heed your own natural call to slow down in order to move forward with purpose.