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This is your permission to ask for what you need.


You may live your life exactly as you want and need.

You are allowed to to say yes, to say no, to be loud, to be quiet, to be emotional, to be different than anyone you know, to change on a whim without giving a reason, and to ask for what you need without feeling like you are an awful person for doing so.

You get to be you. No questions asked, no explanation needed.

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That's why I created Permission to Be two weeks of free self-coaching lessons and exercises delivered to your inbox. 

I will offer encouragement, wisdom and love so you feel validated enough to take ownership of your life.


This is your permission to be unapologetic about your character and your needs, because your wellbeing is non-negotiable.

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Permission granting is an invitation for you to ask the necessary questions to grant yourself the consent you crave.

What's included?

  • Alternating love notes and exploratory personal exercises delivered to your inbox each day, containing the blanket permission to just be and act exactly as feels right
  • Short video lessons from my heart to yours, confirming everything you are and do is welcome
  • Daily permission granting affirmations to call back the forgotten pieces of yourself in order to see your intrinsic wholeness and reclaim your power as the owner of your life
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I'm Iris. I'm here to be your guide into the exploration and expression of your own deep, wild nature.


I spent years not doing what I wanted—or even letting myself consider what I truly wanted. I was afraid to misstep, so I didn't fully participate in my own life.

Now the more I intentionally make time to listen to the quiet natural parts of what I actually want, the more pieces of who I am in my deepest core fall into place.


These days, I purposefully make time for rest and introspection, two extremely necessary components for living an intentionally satisfying life. I celebrate my wins and celebrate the work of others.