Wholehearted & Wild is a podcast for wild and soulful women.

This podcast is for you if you’re ready to stop playing small, share your creative impulses with the world, and howl with your wildhearted wolf pack.

I’m your host, Iris Rankin, an intuitive personal coach for women.

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Wholehearted & Wild isn't your usual podcast.

For many podcasts focused on self-development, you put in your headphones to listen and you get an earful of "how to" instructions. But you know what? I think you already have the resources necessary to build a wild, impactful and satisfying life.

I'm not going to tell you what to do, because you already inherently know.

What I will tell you is that it is entirely possible for a woman as soulful, sensitive and ferociously strong as you to feel like your outer existence matches the richness of your inner thoughts.

Wholehearted & Wild is encouragement for making your desires manifest in the world around you. This means digging deep, asking questions and giving yourself permission to show up exactly as you want and need in your day-to-day life.

Think loves notes, rather than instruction manual.