Project Intention is for the woman who is

ready to reclaim her wild birthright.


Project Intention is the heart of personal rewilding.

For the woman who wants nothing more than to express and reap the rewards of who she really is—unapologetically, with truth and with soul—but who somehow, day after day, finds her reality isn't aligned with her thoughts and wants.

Hell, I have been that woman, so many times and for so many years.

"The good girl." The one who longed for more, but played it small. The good student with the correct answers, but not the pack leader with the direction forward. The one who wanted to howl, but stayed silent.

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But no more. Not for you and not for me.

We're wary of our own wildness because we're afraid of being burned by our own fire, but we deeply crave its warmth too. Discomfort is the doorway into our own growth, and it's what sets us free because we get in touch with the extent of our own resilience and all we are capable of.

I believe women are hungry to recognize and tend to their own wildness, so I am committed to reflecting their fullest capacities back to them and leading them into the heart of their discomfort to reclaim their natural sovereignty.

I just happen to do that through embodied coaching practices and coordinating retreats.

My work is generally known for:

  • Breaking free from the confines of female conditioning in order to be your full, wild self

  • Tools to help access intuition, amplify your voice and banish self-doubt

  • Vision-building for a fulfilling, wholehearted life

  • Championing softness as its own kind of strength

  • Soft-spoken, nature-based guided meditations

  • Permission-granting, affirmation driven words to live by

I'm here to be your guide into the exploration and expression of your own deep, wild nature.


  Together we'll build a personalized blueprint that aligns your core needs with your actions.

We'll explore the right structures to wholly support your mind, body, soul and connection.

We'll light a fire in your times of darkness and struggle, and we'll yip with joy for your wins.