Set aside worry and let me take care of the details 

with complete support for your group retreat


Hosting group retreats can be one of the most rewarding and transformative experiences a creative business owner can have—but keeping track of every detail to pull it off can feel intimidating, to say the least.

Here's the thing though—it doesn't have to.

Consider handing over logistics to someone who has done this before (me!) and I'll be there every step of the way to make sure your retreat feels as relaxing to you as it will for the participants.


The exact support will depend on the nature of what you have in mind for your retreat, but here are a few services I usually include:

  • Ongoing support from brainstorming to selling to making it happen in the moment

  • Securing accommodations and agenda activities

  • Communication with retreat attendees

  • On-site venue support for the duration of the retreat, including set up and follow up

  • Retreat pricing and tracking retreat income and expenses so everything stays on track

  • Sourcing items for retreat goodie bags and any other retreat necessities

Iris is genuine with her curiosity and care and is a pleasure to speak with.
— Rachel S, coach and consultant

Most importantly, I'm here to be your support.

I'm here to hold space for the group—and keep the details out of your hair—so you're able to host the transformative conversations and activities that are embedded in your own work.


From groups of five to thirty-five or even more, I've done this before. I've done event support for non-profit fundraisers, coordinated logistics for coaching workshops across the country, facilitated hiking and naturalist experiences for hundreds, coordinated both domestic and international travel and accommodations and been behind-the-scenes support for intimate retreats on the ground.

Not only have I done this—I'm really good at it, and more over, I love it.

Beyond logistical support though, I have a deep knowledge of group dynamics, of what it means to create a warm and safe group container that is conducive to personal transformation, and how to how to gently hold that transformation from a place of seamless, nearly invisible care and support.

Looking for activities to round out your retreat experience?

Lucky for you, I have a number of extremely talented friends whose gifts I can attest to from personal experience. Let me know and we can add their activities to your retreat.


I can help you source group experiences for:

  • Yoga classes and/or guided meditations and visualizations

  • Guided Breathwork for deep, somatic release and integration

  • Personal soul photo shoots (it's like photography + therapy + magic)

  • Group coaching around emotional resilience and enoughness

  • Purpose-led workshops around building from your "why" and healing your business

  • Collective and individual tarot readings

  • Hands-on herbal classes and workshops

  • Photography during your retreat

  • And more! Just ask.

The guided meditation that Iris provided was unlike any meditation I have done previously. It was incredibly empowering to be shown the wisdom of the guide within myself.
— Brita M, operations supervisor