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Besides being a coach, I'm also an administrative and personal assistant.

What can I say? I love variety.

I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs who infuse all the work they do with integrity—and who are craving the time and space to focus more of their efforts on their big visions instead of their daily admin.

I know the immense soul work you pour into your creative business for the sake of helping others (because I do the same). But I also have a hunch that you need more help than you're asking for or getting.


Being the "right hand" for businesses built on purpose is what makes my heart sing, and I imagine knowing the nitty gritty of your business is in good hands probably makes yours sing too.

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I've been a full-time assistant since 2012, and have been working in a freelance capacity since April of this year. Organization, administration and logistics are in my wheelhouse, and everything I do for my clients is tailor-made to their individual needs—from setting up logistics for events to copywriting to inbox management to overseas travel arrangements to editing.

Since I have my own online business, I'm also comfortable with the ins-and-outs of behind the scenes for email softwares and other platforms for managing blogs/websites/scheduling/social media/Photoshop, etc.

Suffice to say, I probably have a good amount of experience and variety doing what you're looking for—and I work with you to help you decide the support needs that are unique to your business.

Ready to stop doing it all alone?

Contact me below and we can schedule a 20-minute chat to discuss what you're looking for.

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