What to Expect


If everything lines up according to your expectations and needs, we begin the work on your preferred start date (potentially late August/early September).

Exploratory Phase - Branding

On our agreed-upon start date, I will send you a brand questionnaire. This is for me to get to know what you have in mind and what needs your site will serve.

You will also curate a branding board with images that speak to your brand, and we'll have additional branding exercises to clarify your vision.

With these initial results, you and I will get on a call for a 1:1 session that digs into the values and purpose behind your vision. We'll include many of the elements that surface from this phase in the final site copy and imagery.

Exploratory Phase - Visuals

After we complete the branding phase, I’ll send you a design questionnaire. There are minimal questions but the more thorough you can be, the better I’ll be able to make your site vision into reality.

You and I will get on a second 1:1 call to hone in on the visual elements needed to translate your vision.

At this point, we will use a shared Dropbox folder to access materials you provide for the website. This includes items like text copy and images you would like included. During this phase, I will create site graphics that speak to your design needs.

I can add royalty-free photos to get the general essence of what you're going for, but any photos you provide will add to the personality and value of the site.

Because the exploratory phase takes the most time from you to give direction and gather content, how fast we move to the design stage is dependent on your schedule.

I will work with you to find a reasonable deadline so the project doesn’t feel too demanding on your time but also gets moved along in a timely way.

Preliminary Design Phase

Site design begins. I will create a site under my Squarespace account, which will begin the free 14-day trial.

I will do both the preliminary design and the design revisions within these two weeks so you will not have to pay for your Squarespace site until the design is ready.

That means that as soon as I begin designing, we’re under the strict design timeline of two weeks. We can time this phase for when your schedule feels spacious enough for this communication. Communication between us is crucial in all stages, but particularly this stage and the next.

The preliminary phase will last one week.

Revision Phase

I will complete the initial site design within the first week of the fourteen day trial. At this point, I will submit the first iteration for your approval.

It will be your responsibility to let me know what changes you would like as soon as possible to make time for further revisions.

The sooner you let me know what changes you would like to be made, the more changes I can accommodate.

The revision phase will last another week to allow for back and forth feedback and rapid cycles of value.

Hand Over the Keys

Once the free trial is up and the design is to your liking, it’s yours!

I will transfer the site administration and ownership to you.

At this point, it will be up to you to to renew your Squarespace hosting beyond the trial period ($12/month with the annual plan).

I’ll be on hand for any questions you have and to make the transition as smooth as possible.