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I want to know: what stokes the fire in your belly? What's behind the glint in your eyes? What generates the low-rumbling growls in your throat?

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You're done apologizing for the things that make you who you are and you're ready to feel like you're the primary driving force in your life.

Reteach yourself to access the untamed parts of your creativity and volition by learning to speak your truths and act intuitively.

Over the ongoing course of twelve 60-minute coaching sessions, you'll explore your personal talent, deep-seated needs and wild wants and leave each session with an action plan to implement them.

If you want support, accountability and fresh perspective to thrive, I’m here to hold space for you as we work out how to fulfill your needs in tangible ways.

You already have the tools you need, but I can help you access them faster and with more clarity.

Together we'll take on each wild aspect of yourself that you want to cultivate and the over-domesticated parts you want to release as you explore each new possibility for your life.


You are in the the right place if you would like to:

  • Develop an actionable, personalized blueprint for your mind, body, creative work and deepest spirit.
  • Learn to access your intuition to choose what feels in alignment with your heart and your pursuits.
  • Take time for yourself to quietly explore and celebrate who you are when you relax into stillness.
  • Cultivate the self-empowerment and confidence to express how you feel without apology.
  • Access your own framework for self-discovery and develop tools for introspection and creative action.
  • Achieve the freedom to let you be your whole self and to think and act from your whole heart.

What's included:

  • 12 x 60-minute coaching sessions (held every two weeks)
  • A password-protected client page where you'll have access to notes and a recording of each session
  • Tasks, resources, and homework to keep you moving forward in-between sessions
  • Unlimited access to email support with me in-between sessions

Your investment: $1750 (Payment plans available)

"When we began working together I was feeling wobbly about my business and irregular with self care. Iris has supported me in making changes that are lasting and nurturing; I now feel a sense of clarity and stability in my daily routines—and so much more joy! I also have realized wonderful clarity in my business direction, which is deeply satisfying and exciting." — Kathy D, health coach

Still want to know a bit more about me first?

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I'm a sweet potato and avocado fiend. I can never get enough...

I have about one million nicknames for my dog Fenton.

I live at 11,000 ft above sea level outside of Breckenridge, Colorado.

I'm a gin and tonic kind of girl, though honestly sometimes I just prefer a pamplemousse La Croix.

Sometimes I can't decide whether I want to stay put, travel the country in a van, buy a cabin secluded in the woods or hop on a plane to live in Europe or Canada. Decisions...

Still have questions? Check out the frequently asked questions or schedule a no-pressure discovery session to chat.

"Iris's authentic communication style, soothing voice and word choice sparked my soulful exploration. She is genuine with her curiosity and care and is a pleasure to speak with." — Rachel S, consultant

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Ready to begin the exploration of your own wild needs?


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