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Wild Discovery Sessions

Wondering if our wildness

makes for a good wolf pack?


Each month I have a number of free, hour and a half long 1:1 Wild Discovery sessions open for women who are ready to move forward with their biggest visions. These sessions are a chance to explore your current situation and see whether coaching together would be the right fit for your needs.

Where you are and where you're going

Wild Discovery sessions give you a chance to delve into where you are now with your current vision, what challenges you've been facing along the way and how your current journey could benefit from the support and accountability of a coaching relationship.

I have a limited number of spots for these complimentary sessions each month, and I only take on women who are ready to put in the work to discover and build more wildness, action and heart into their lives.

Building a coaching partnership that fully supports you

In addition to coaching you on your current situation, we'll have an opportunity to talk about my existing coaching style and for you to get a good feel of what might come up in coaching together.

This is a chance for me to tell you how coaching is usually laid out, but also a time for you to design our coaching relationship as it will really suit you. Feel like you need an extra challenge? I can help propel you forward with some tough love. Feel like you need more room to think? I can structure the conversation so the exploration feels more spacious.

 Getting a good idea of the structure

You can also ask any questions you have about my approach, what's needed for you to get the results you crave and what the logistics will look like.

An hour+ of no-strings-attached coaching is my gift to you. It is also your gift to yourself, a choice you have to actively make to give. Applying for a Wild Discovery Session requires complete commitment of your time, energy and focus for the full 1.5 hours, so if you're not ready to spend an hour and a half on your own development and needs, this opportunity is not right for you. And if you are, well, I'm so excited to get started.


If you're looking to build a more impactful, meaningful and wild life, apply for a Wild Discovery call to get coaching on your own wildness, voice and wants.