A natural landscape on which to ground you.

A woman who is wild and familiar. Your inner wild woman.

She is all you are and all that you want to be. She is you in the future.

She is your natural instinct personified.

She is a well of inner wisdom you can return to again and again.


Your wild woman is who you would naturally show up as if you were unencumbered by your own limitations, and it's time that you met her.


Settle into a state of deep relaxation and experience a guided visualization to meet your inner wild woman, then spend the remainder of the session diving deep into what you saw, your greater sense of purpose and what role your values play in showing up fully for yourself.

Access your own your own deepest sense of purpose, ease and knowing in this guided exercise and one-on-one coaching session.

What to expect

You and I will spend an hour together, which begins by leading you through a guided visualization. The visualization drops you into a state of deep relaxation and inner quiet. You will meet your inner wild woman, and she will show you how to tap into your innate sense of purpose and personal knowing.

Once you meet your inner wild woman, we'll spend the rest of the call digging deep into the values that were present in your vision and how to keep them at the forefront of your day-to-day actions.

What else?

You'll leave the session with better understanding of what drives your actions directly from your heart, as well as an action plan unique to you that builds off your values (rather than what you think you should do).

Following our hour long session, you will have unlimited email support with me for 30 days, so you'll have the accountability to keep your plan in place and a sounding board for when you're feeling unsure and unmoored.

Even better? For this week only, I'm also offering a 30-minute follow-up session a few weeks after our initial call to keep your intentions on track.


When you have a clear sense of purpose, your actions are heart-driven.

And when your actions are heart-driven,

your capacity for contribution is at its fullest.


A unique blend of guided meditation and 1:1 coaching

Meet Your Inner Wild Woman will allow you to:

  • Take time to relax into stillness and access your intuitive core without distraction
  • Literally put a face on the deepest part of yourself that inherently knows your purpose and aims
  • Clarify your values and stop doubting your trajectory
  • Give greater weight to your own decision-making rather than looking for external answers and validation
  • Learn how your values inform day-to-day actions and help you face challenges
  • Wrap up the call with actionable insights around how you can incorporate what you care about into your daily life

What's included:

  • 60-minute one-on-one coaching session via Skype audio, including a guided exercise around purpose and value
  • A password-protected client page where you'll have access to notes and a recording of the session
  • An agreed upon action plan to keep you moving forward after the session
  • Unlimited access to email support with me for 30 days

Investment: $100


I'm Iris Rankin, an intuitive coach who helps women grant themselves permission to show up exactly as they want in their lives, be fully seen and howl their most harmonious notes out loud.

I'm here to be your guide into the exploration and expression of your own deep, wild nature.

Coaching together is honing in on a personalized approach to wellbeing for each woman I come in contact with. What stokes the fire in your belly, is behind the glint in your eyes and generates the low-rumbling growls in your throat? Together we take on each wild aspect of yourself that you want to cultivate and release as you explore possibilities for your life.

Want to learn more?


If you still have questions about whether Meet Your Inner Wild Woman is right for you, send me an email at iris@irisrankin.com.